Huayra Roadster

The creative anatomy of a bespoke car launch.

As the Geneva International Motor Show grows near, my fourth year working with bespoke Italian car manufacturer Pagani Automobili has brought the opportunity to craft launch materials for their newest product. The Huayra Roadster is the third vehicle in the Huayra lineage, and although it is ostensibly the convertible version of their wildly successful Huayra Coupe, Pagani's unique production methodology means the car shares little with its Huayra sisters beyond a badge; rather it is a hybridization which compounds lessons gleaned from both previous iterations. Making less than 50 cars per year entirely by hand, Pagani has unique methods and considerations in manufacturing its cars. That means a whole different set of rules for me, too.

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Lost in Namibia with Mike Horn

"If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity?" - André Malraux

The plane descended gently towards an almost featureless and unspeakably bright shade of orange. Little else was visible beyond clear blue sky; its perfect complement under a scorching sun which has blasted The Namib, widely acknowledged as our planet's oldest desert, for nearly 80 million years.

A week or so beforehand I had different plans, but the last minute opportunity to join Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador Mike Horn for what was billed as "a unique G-Class experience" was too much to pass up. Our last ditch effort to push my visa paperwork had succeeded; now here I was, more than 15,000 kilometers from home and a full 2500km further south than I'd ever been in my life. We were hustled into the airport immigration office, a temporary plywood edifice sparsely decorated with barbed wire plus signs advising visitors to be wary of the black market diamond trade and police corruption. Ah, Namibia...

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a new website is born!

The day has come! It's been five years since I've renovated this place. I loved the old site, it was a clean, simple showcase. But as time pressed on and I consolidated my presence on community sites like Flickr and Behance, less and less of my work has been visible online.


After mulling it over I worked with my Brite Productions family and designer Sean Maisch to create a website which could display more content / more efficiently. These are our results -- in addition to the new layout you can see a lot more of what I've been up to behind the camera for the past ten years. I'll continue working this fall to consolidate everything, adding both recent & archived projects plus some other content along the way. In the mean time I hope you enjoy your look around :-)