Limited editions of my best work, printed by hand using the highest quality archival inks and papers available.
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Current Releases

Ferrari 250 SWB Competizione | First Edition
The 1961 LeMans-winning Ferrari 250 SWB, photographed inside Los Angeles' Schubert Residence.
16" x 24" pigment print on OBA-free 310gsm cotton rag. Signed & numbered.
Currently unavailable. Limited Edition of 14.

Past Releases

Left: 16"x24" on baryta fiber. Right: cropped image detail

Huayra BC | First Edition
Pagani's Huayra BC in New York; Photographed using Phase One's 100 megapixel camera system for unparalleled sharpness.
16" x 24" pigment print on 300gsm baryta fiber, signed & numbered.
Limited Edition of 5.